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so 06. 4.


Hardenvoort 55


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06. 4. 2024 22:00 – 07. 4. 2024 5:00

Hardenvoort 55, Hardenvoort 55, 2060 Antwerpen, Belgique

O události

Allllrrright soundsystem lovers! Get your asses ready for another round of 'Hotsen & Botsen'!

Staying true to our culture and passion: The Soundsystem, taking us on a journey across many different kinds of music.

Offering those who scoure in the underground, a place to enjoy and celebrate authentic rave music and freedom for all.

Keeping the niche alive! Thank you, The ravers for your ongoing support!

This time it's not just HotseBotse covering the music.

On the 6th of april HotseBotse Soundsystem will collaborate with 5PM Breakfast Club for the first time!

5PMBC is an important player in our Breakbeat scène. Pulling a series of events with big headliners such as Ivy Lab, Fixate, Von D and many more (to come).

These guys definitely know what they're doing. It definitely was a no-brainer inviting them to play on the rig (pounding a beautiful 8.5KW of sound), you are allowed to expect fat beats and drilling bass.

As we are putting jungle in the spotlight, our specialsts are offering a true selector to headline our event:


"her musical vision is one of unity, fusion and no boundaries. Whether it’s released on heavily respected labels like Exit and Parallax; whether it’s performed at nights such as Rupture London and clubs like OT301 Amsterdam (or any inclusive free rave in between)" ~ Dave Jenkins

01:00 - 02:00 set time

All left to say is we are very excited for her set, and so should you. seriously. right now. Just do it! Nik.-no. don't. do. that.

Supported by 5PMBC's residents: Cardiome, Bear Thrills and That Thing, giving you a splendid, well coördinated mix of their tightest breakbeat, jungle, and hopefully a bit of wacky shit!

22:00 - 01:00 set time

When our clock hits 02:00, we'll switch it up without upping the BPM's but the amen break will make room for a drilling 4 to the floor type beat.

As it's Nas.Ma's birthday celebration, he'll open up the playfield with his 'hotsing and botsing' kind of Live Tekno! oh sweet jesus! Strap those pants or skirts on tight. We bet a single Shiba Inu coin that you won't be able to hold salute at this part of our night!

02:00 - 03:00 set time

Voltra's gametime at 3 O'easterclock is a fire hazard for every hare in the neighbourhood, hiding your chocolate eggs and bunnies is advised.

03:00 - 04:00 set time

At this moment, everyone's about to run out of energy.

But wait, there's MORE!!!

Glekketek is back from Berlin and he's got some stuff to show us. last month he whispered in my ear: "i've got some chubby kicks for you in my appartment, wanna hear?"

I replied: "YOUR SPEAKERS ARE UNWORTHY, run'em through the big rig and I won't be able to hold it!" and that's that.

04:00 - 05:00 (end) set time

You are now fully aware of what this night will be like. and all of that for such a cheap-ass price! amazing! wow! as our lord and savior Eddy Wally (RIP) would say!

For your comfort and safety reasons we would like to ask you to seriously consider our set of houserules:






NO SEXISM (no-no squares do count!)

too long didn't read: DON'T BE A C*NT!

For Your Interest:

-Cloak Room will be foreseen for a small euro IN CASH

-You can pay for your drinks by card

-You can pay for others' drinks by card

-Hotsebotse soundsystem tie dye shirts available for 15€

-Questions allowed,

- A sold out presale venue = break even, this means our price is at the minimum


Presale: 10€ fee Included. will be available 10/2

At the doors: 14€

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