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Skalákův mill


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23. 8. 2024 20:00 – 26. 8. 2024 12:00

Skalákův mill, Meziříčko 31, 675 26 Meziříčko, Tchéquie

O události

Imaginary folk tales of forgotten times, musical paradoxes, and cryptic arts converge into an iconic place of the Czech underground resistance for a four-day experience.

Kikimora Kalbah will experiment with a conjunction of subcultures, at the crossroads of free tekno and new psychedelic experiments, in the midst of a punk occult vibe.

Expect the unexpected.

For four days, immerse yourself in non-stop music, lectures, performances, concerts, food, and surprises. This dark teknodelic feast is not to be missed.

The chaotic circus will be a union of forces:

Tranzit Soundsystem

Occulture Conference

DWC Soundsystem

SUSS (Sedna Ultrasonic Soundsystem)

[more to be revealed soon]

Located far down in the forests of Bohemia, this event takes place in a historical yet natural setting deeply intertwined with the nation's resistance movements. From the clandestine gatherings of dissidents during periods of political upheaval to the echoes of rebellion against oppression, the chosen venue resonates with the spirit of defiance and creativity. It's a space where the echoes of the past mingle with the beats of the present, creating an atmosphere ripe for exploration and liberation.

Join us as we delve into the hidden corners of history and celebrate the enduring legacy of resistance through music, art, and community.

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