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Fr., 31. Mai




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Zeit & Ort

31. Mai 2024, 18:00 – 14. Juni 2024, 22:00

Barcelone, Barcelone, Espagne

Über die Veranstaltung

Following on from the success of the Spiral Early Years Exhibition in Zurich we are very excited to announce that it will now be making its way to Barcelona, Spain. From 31st May until the 15th June. There will be Music, Talks, Film Screenings and lots more. A Full Programmation of Events is listed below.

We look forward to being In The Area!

Here is the Programmation

31st May

From 6pm the doors open to the home of the Exhibition. Discover the Early Years of Spiral Tribe’s Origins in the Uk and their first steps into Europe.

Inspiral Multicultural Centre will be open every day apart from Mondays and Tuesdays for the duration of the festival from Midday until Midnight. 31st May - 15th June. Drinks and snacks available and there will be a limited amount of merchandise supporting the exhibition.

31st May

Secret Underground Rave in Barcelona Centre - Full Crew Line-up.

Midnight - Morning.

CHANGE to Flyer - Please note

The Exhibition space will be exceptionally closed on the evening of Saturday 1st June

02nd June

Core members of Sp23 will host a Question and Answers session at INSPIRAL based around the early days in the Uk and their first steps into Europe. From 4pm - 10pm

Music from Jeff23

07th June

Evening Screening of the Alessandro Ugo Film ‘F[r]EE - Behind the Scenes of the Free Party Movement’’ at the beautiful La Cinetika Cinema in Central Barcelona. VO with Spanish subtitles

08th June

Special Guest Dj’s Konik Polny [Berlin Invasion] and D-Omen [Desert Storm] will provide the grooves at INSPIRAL and get you in the mood for a groovy Saturday night!

14th June

Seb 69db Hosts a talk and Questions and Answers session with special guests at INSPIRAL on the topic of Free Party - Past, Present and Future. After the talk, 69db will

Perform a Live-Set.

15th June

Free Party - A Folk History,the award winning documentary by Aaron Trinder. Exclusive Screenings at La Cinetika Matinee and evening screenings will be available. VO with Spanish subtitles.


Weds/Thurs/Fri 5pm - Midnight

Sat/Sun 12pm - Midnight


Després de l'èxit de l'exposició “Spiral Tribe Early Years” a Zuric, estem molt contents d'anunciar la seva arribada a Barcelona. L'exposició es desenvoluparà del 31 de maig al 15 de juny. Hi haurà música, xerrades, projeccions de pel·lícules i molt més. Els propers dies s'anunciarà la programació completa dels esdeveniments i l'espai on tindrà lloc.

Esperem veure-us allà!

Tras el éxito de la exposición “Spiral Tribe Early Years” en Zurich, estamos muy contentos de anunciar su llegada a Barcelona. La exposición se desarrollará del 31 de mayo al 15 de junio. Habrá música, charlas, proyecciones de películas y mucho más. En los próximos días se anunciará la programación completa de los eventos y el espacio donde tendrá lugar.

Esperamos veros allí!

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