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Horario y ubicación

07 oct 2023, 23:00

Gent, Chinastraat, 9000 Gent, Belgique

Acerca del evento

◄ NARCOSIS X RITUAL RAVE ► A symphony of machinery awakens. Enter a realm where industrial might intertwines with sonic rebellion, where the relentless pulse of acidcore and tekno reverberates through steel corridors. Amidst flickering lights and billows of smoke, a congregation of defiant souls gathers.

In this dystopian sanctuary, barriers dissolve, and a new world emerges—one where mechanized rhythms guide our every move. As sparks fly and gears spin, may we find liberation while embracing the allure of chaos.

Become the architects of our industrial euphoria.

This is Narcosis X Ritual Rave, where our forces combine to present you with a night of relentless acidcore and tekno, pulsating across two rooms.

We celebrate diversity and inclusivity, welcoming all individuals, regardless of their sexuality, ethnicity, gender identity, background, or expression. We aim to create a safe environment for all, relying on our attendees to actively work towards a positive and respectful experience. When you attend our events, you become part of a temporary community.

◄ LINE UP ► × IND () (LIVE)

× Hypnoise Theory () (LIVE)

× 1NC1N ()

× Statek () (LIVE)

× ODS ()

× Ignite ()

× Niemand () (LIVE)

× TBM () (LIVE)

× Mantrum ()

◄ TICKETS ► × First Wave: €12 × Second Wave: €15

◄ INFORMATION ► × Doors: 23:00 - 07:00 × Date: 07.10.2023 × Venue: Chinastraat × Address: Chinastraat 1, 9000 Ghent × 18+

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