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sam. 14 oct.




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Heure et lieu

14 oct. 2023, 21:00 – 15 oct. 2023, 05:00

Antwerpen, Hardenvoort 55, 2060 Antwerpen, Belgique

À propos de l'événement

Step into a realm where musical mysticism reigns supreme as we unveil the enigmatic "Vibe Meisters." These sonic sorcerers are masters of the four elemental realms, each element an instrument in their otherworldly symphony.

 Earthy Vinyl: They dig deep into the grooves of ancient records, unearthing forgotten rhythms and grounding their beats in the roots of musical history.

 Fiery CDJs: With a touch that ignites dancefloors, their CDJs blaze with tracks so hot, they can melt even the iciest hearts.

 Watery Live Performances: Like flowing rivers of sound, their live performances ripple and surge, carrying listeners on a fluid journey through soundscapes both serene and tumultuous.

 Airy Beats: Their beats float through the air, light as a feather but powerful as a hurricane, creating an ethereal atmosphere that lingers in your soul.

This extraordinary experience unfolds within a colossal soundsystem, a sonic colossus, fortified and brought to life by the mystical energies of Hotsebots soundsystem. It's a night where music transcends mere entertainment and becomes a portal to a parallel universe, an immersive adventure of sonic and visual wonders that will awaken your senses, transport your mind, and set your spirit free.


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